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Environmental Science

REINAS has been developed to support both real-timeand retrospective regional scale environmental science.To validate the utility of REINAS to the scientific communityand provide general feedbackand direction for ongoing development, REINAS has been involved inin a variety of ongong environmental science investigations,which include:
  • Regional Meteorological Surface Analysis:
    This effort combines surface meteorological observations collected through REINAS and other mechanisms to produce timely regional surface analyses combined with geostationary satellite imagery.

    Principal Investigator:

  • Remote Sensing of Coastal Ocean Surface Currents:
    Utilizing various high-frequency radar systems including the CODAR, this effort includes the use of real-time REINAS oceanographic and meteorological data to better understand ocean current processes in Monterey Bay through continued use of high-frequency radar instruments and better understanding of the data these instruments generate.

    Principal Investigators:

    Satellite imagery, including images produced via synthetic aperature radar, provide another very useful tool for studying ocean currents, especially in conjunction with data from in situ instruments within REINAS.

    Principal Investigator:

  • Monterey Bay Sea Breeze Study:
    This effort includes instrumentation from REINAS and the Bay Area Mesonet Initiative to better understand local coastal meteorology phenomena such as the regular appearance of strong onshore flow (sea breeze) in the summer and late fall.

    Principal Investigator:

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