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REINAS Visualization

The challenges associated with visualizing the diverse set of regionalenvironmental data managed by REINASboth in real-time and retrospectively haveprovided opportunities for the development of new visualizationtechniques and user-level interfaces. The major milestones ofthe REINAS visualization effort to date include:
  • Spray Rendering -- an experimental visualization environment based upon the metaphor of using virtual spray cans to ``paint'' multidimensional datasets;

  • Mix & Match -- a modular and extensible environment supporting the interactive creation of different visualization methods from conventional visualization tools;

  • CSpray -- an extension of Spray Rendering providing support for interactively sharing data, graphic primitives, images, and other visualization products among multiple users within a shared collaborative workspace;

  • Uncertainty Visualization -- an effort to develop new glyphs for the visualization of uncertainty in environmental data, an inherent quality often ignored in traditional visualization renderings;

More detailed information on the REINAS-relatedenvironmental visualization effort is available directly from theSanta Cruz Laboratory for Visualization and Graphics.

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